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Butinae Butis  

Bleeker 1856

Parent Taxon Type Author Distribution
Butis koilomatodon S (Bleeker 1849) Introduced: Panama Canal; Venezuela; Brazil south to Rio Escuro at latitude 23 deg south (MACIEIRA ET AL 2012)
Butis amboinensis S (Bleeker 1853) India to Indonesia, southern Japan, Philippines, New Guinea and Solomon Islands (CAS)
Butis butis S (Hamilton 1822) Indo-West Pacific: East Africa, South Africa, Seychelles and western Mascarenes east to New Guinea, north to South China Sea, south to northern Australia (CAS)
Butis gymnopomus S (Bleeker 1853) Asia (CAS)
Butis humeralis S (Valenciennes 1837) Indochina and Indonesia (CAS)
Butis leucurus S Jordan & Seale 1905 Type locality: Negros, Philippines
Butis prismatica S (Bleeker 1849) Indonesia (CAS)