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Butinae Bostrychus  

Lacepede 1801

Parent Taxon Type Author Distribution
Bostrychus africanus S (Steindachner 1879) Eastern Atlantic: Senegal to Angola, islands of the Gulf of Guinea
Bostrychus aruensis S Weber 1911 Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Bostrychus microphthalmus S Hoese & Kottelat 2005 Sulawesi
Bostrychus scalaris S Larson 2008 Malaysia and Singapore
Bostrychus sinensis S Lacepede 1801 Indo-West Pacific, Asia, Australia: India east to Philippines, north to southern Japan, south to northern Australia; also adjacent estuaries and freshwater
Bostrychus strigogenys S Nichols 1937 Central-southern New Guinea (Papua Province, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea)
Bostrychus zonatus S Weber 1907 Northern Australia and southern New Guinea