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Eleotrinae Hypseleotris  

Gill 1863

Parent Taxon Type Author Distribution
Hypseleotris aurea S (Shipway 1950) Australia: Western Australia
Hypseleotris barrawayi S Larson 2007 Katherine River basin, Northern Territory, Australia
Hypseleotris compressocephalus S (Chen 1985) China
Hypseleotris compressa S (Krefft 1864) Northern Australia and southern New Guinea
Hypseleotris cyprinoides S (Valenciennes 1837) Indo-West Pacific: Madagascar and western Mascarenes (now extinct in R�©union) east to New Guinea, north to Philippines, south to Queensland (Australia)
Hypseleotris galii S (Ogilby 1898) Australia
Hypseleotris guentheri S (Bleeker 1875) Asia and Oceania
Hypseleotris kimberleyensis S Hoese & Allen 1982 Australia: Western Australia
Hypseleotris klunzingeri S (Ogilby 1898) Australia
Hypseleotris leuciscus S (Bleeker 1853) Indonesia
Hypseleotris pangel S Herre 1927 Philippines
Hypseleotris quisumbingi S Roxas & Ablan 1940 Lingayen Gulf (via San Fernando Market), La Union Province, Philippines
Hypseleotris regalis S Hoese & Allen 1982 Australia: Western Australia
Hypseleotris ejuncida S Hoese & Allen 1982 Australia: Western Australia