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Luke Tornabene

College of Science and Technology,Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Corpus Christi TX 78412


My wider interests include the biology and evolution of fishes. Currently I am particularly interested in the systematics of gobies and sleepers, at the species level as well as higher levels of classification. I have a strong interest in molecular phylogenetics and phylogeography, particularly in Eastern Pacific/Western Atlantic species groups. My current research projects include: ecologically driven speciation and adaptive radiation in the estuarine goby genera Ctenogobius, Microgobius and Gobiosoma; a study on the diversity and phylogenetics of the goby genus Bathygobius, using a morphological and molecular approach; systematics of the genera Bollmannia, Microgobius, and allied species; phylogenetic relationships of gobionelline gobies.